Cloud Native Apps

Crafting High-Performance Cloud Native Apps: Best Practices

Jul 10, 2023

Building high-performance, future-proof cloud-native apps requires the adoption of microservices architecture. This approach offers several advantages over traditional monolithic programs. Microservices allow for scalability by enabling independent scaling of services based on demand. They also enhance fault isolation, preventing a...

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cloud backup

Cloud Backup: Safeguard Your Data with Ease

Jul 05, 2023

Cloud backup has emerged as a highly efficient method of off-site data storage that aims to protect valuable information. It has proven to be a popular alternative to traditional backup strategies, offering cost-effectiveness, flexibility, and on-demand scalability that organizations find...

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The Power of S3-Compatible Storage: A Comprehensive Guide

Jul 05, 2023

The field of technology generates, consumes, and stores an enormous volume of data—amounting to dozens of zettabytes. In today's landscape, data management, analysis, and utilization have become increasingly challenging. To tackle these challenges, object storage has emerged as a valuable...

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multiple cloud platforms

Businesses encounter various difficulties when leveraging multiple cloud...

Jun 29, 2023

Content creators in enterprise organizations in the UK & Ireland face numerous challenges when dealing with data across multiple cloud platforms. When it comes to storing data on different cloud platforms, there are various challenges to tackle, such...

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