ENT Cloud Backup

As we, at Altis Infonet, don’t believe in having a standard cookie-cutter approach. When it comes to ENT cloud backup. We simply provide our client’s truly customized solutions that deliver high-end security, easy cloud compliance, and absolute privacy. No matter the size and scope of your enterprise, our Enterprise Cloud solutions come with a multitude of storage alternatives to help you keep your data safe, secure, and easily accessible, from wherever you go. If you are looking for flexible and intelligent applications for your business enterprise, then Altis Infonet can help. We perform extensive analysis of the client’s existing business to determine enterprise responsiveness for the cloud. Our enterprise cloud technology experts develop the perfect strategy to tune up the cloud technology with the business requirements and integrate them with the hosted and on-premise environments of the client’s cloud infrastructure.

What We Offer

World-Class Talent for your projects


We deliver (provide access to) both dedicated and shared cloud solutions using a Cloud Desktop. Just as your users do now they log into a desktop, via a secure web page, and see a Windows desktop environment. Within the Cloud Desktop they will see all of their applications, network drives, printers and data.


Our customers care deeply about security and so do we. We aligns with industry standards and related standards, guidance and security principles. Our solution is built around combined assurance layers consisting of newly applied rich security features, applied best practices which are governed by policy and the design itself validated by industry standard testing processes.


Altis cloud provide the balance between cost, availability, performance and security. Deploy multiple data storage systems in the public cloud or hosted with a trusted provider. Access existing storage like FTP, Windows Network Drives, seamlessly through us. Protect and optimize data usage in line with compliance and company policy.