Enterprise Email Server

Before the introduction of Smart Protection Suites, ent email server software to control, flexibility over mail services. our enterprise customers deployed a variety of integrated suites to protect their network data against integrated threats. These suites became the foundation for Smart Protection Suites, which provide a better, simpler, and more flexible solution than ever. Let us handle the heavy lifting of sending, so you can focus on what matters most: growing your business. As one of the world’s leading email service providers, our robust delivery infrastructure routes billions of emails to the inbox every month. Set up our free SMTP Server in minutes and discover how our powerful features can help you do more with less. Building and maintaining an email delivery platform in-house is both costly and time consuming. Our  SMTP Server integrates easily with any system and scales with your volume needs.

What We Offer

World-Class Talent for your projects

Administrative & Data Control

Administrators can very well customize to meet their Technical, Branding and Business Requirement ensuring customer ownership of employee data. Easy to Use Integration options allow to connect to your existing IT infrastructure without any hassles.

Dedicated Delivery Experts

We’re your co-pilots, helping to land your email in the inbox. Our deliverability team keeps up to date on latest spam regulations and ISP requirements. While the platform is also built to optimize deliverability, whether you’re building marketing or transactional email.

Real-time Dashboard

Just as every good pilot has a flight log, every email sender needs a set of trusty tracking tools to document their accomplishments. Automatically appends each link in your email with a tracking code. Our real-time dashboard keeps you in the know as recipients engage with your email.

Email Personalization

You know that warm feeling when local shop owners know you by name and remember your order? Give your customers that feeling, digitally, easily personalize email templates to show your customers just how special they are. Build trust, engagement and relevance with each send. Drop in personal elements with just a few clicks.

Contact-list Manage

Contact lists are at the heart of any email campaign. We put a lot of thought into building tools to help you effortlessly grow your customer relationships. Choose from several ways to upload, sort and manage contact lists. Find the workflow that works best for you. Use our email capture widget to collect customer sign ups in a smart way.

Security & Real-time Monitoring

Our information security team, including security experts are focused on keeping your information safe abiding all the regulations . This innovative feature helps you keep an eye on your account creation notification, booking confirmation, cart abandonment reminder etc so you can address any problems as soon as they arise.