Enterprise Wireless

Important to realize that our Enterprise Wireless offers an end to end, turnkey communications and infrastructure service. As a matter of fact we are experts in enterprise-grade Wi-Fi systems, including 802.11ac and 802.11ax technologies. With this in mind the Altis Infonet designs and manufactures custom embedded and external Wi-Fi antennas. We also offer Wi-Fi access point and antenna array design, radio integration, validation, and testing capabilities for our antenna customers. With this intention our software provides complete and reliable test data for small cell though.

What We Offer

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Another key point is that businesses and people are rapidly becoming more mobile. In other words you may be ready to connect with your employees and customers more closely than ever before. First thing to remember if you plan to deliver business mobility in a converged environment, it better be for building a secure wireless LAN network. Important to realize for any widespread IT departments. But it’s critical to enable agility and business innovation. In this case advanced wireless services can help your organization simplify complex wireless tasks.


First thing to remember that it will help you simplify the infrastructure of your enterprise wireless environment. In other words it is strategically aligning with your current business requirements. It also provides the built-in flexibility to meet the ever-changing demands of your business. To put it differently indoor network services aren’t keeping up with the increasing demand. Therefore installing Altis Infonet wireless solution resolves the issue of poor network coverage inside an office building. As a result of every corporate owns and operates on a mobile network of its own. Instead of waiting for service improvements on the existing networks.

IoT, BYOD and Mobility Solutions (WiFi)

Important to realize that Enterprise Wireless is focused on solution selling and problem solving. Another key point is Wireless access has changed the workplace dramatically over the years. So it’s crucial that the Access Points you select do the job that you need. Must be remembered it will aid in the selection process, ensuring the right products and technologies. Consequently the growth of mobile and IoT devices, more than ever requires deeper insights about how the network is performing today.

Satellite Communications (SATCOMM)

To put it differently today’s businesses should be able to reach customers, share resource or have network access any where any time. On the other hand our engineers are proficient with the installation, tuning, commissioning, and working with providers to provide post-installation support and reporting. In general fixed installations are normally performed in a few hours, after a site survey has taken place (depending on location, size of reflector and other variables). In this case we provide ground system pole mounts, non-penetrating mounts, or custom mounting solutions.