Pool Car Management

Pool Vehicle Management: A More Efficient, Accessible Fleet

An organisation’s fleet is often the second-largest cost, after staffing. With ever-increasing pressure to reduce fleet costs, pool vehicles and shared fleets are becoming more popular.

Vehicle management pools allow fleets to utilise their vehicles more effectively and ensure that the vehicle type matches the requirements of the job. Some organisations are even sharing their vehicle management pools with other organisations, further improving utilisation and reducing costs for all parties.

Managing vehicle pools effectively means that staff can only use the vehicles they have been authorised and licensed to use. This leads to increased efficiency in allocating costs within the business and managing personal usage, including fringe benefits tax..

Integrating keys into your security system can save you time and money, whether you go with a traditional lockbox or a more secure solution like an electronic door lock. By restricting access to vehicles, you can keep the keys under tighter control, even when the custodian isn’t around.

Improved Utilisation

Vehicles shouldn’t be in car parks; they should be in use.

Fit for purpose

Ensure staff are using vehicles appropriate to their task.

Restrict unauthorised use

Improve your management and visibility to stop staff using vehicles without authorisation.