The 10 Most Popular WordPress Plugins for Social Sharing to Try in 2023

Growing an online presence in the fast-paced digital age requires sharing information on social media. WordPress users may easily integrate social media sharing capabilities into their websites by using social sharing plugins, which make it simple for users to share content on social networks, which boosts blog traffic and search engine rankings.


Here are some of the benefits of using social sharing plugins:

Increased website traffic: Social media content sharing increases the likelihood of visitors to the website. It could encourage more visitors to the website to view and read the contents.

Improved search engine rankings: Social media is an effective SEO strategy. Posting content on social media successfully creates backlinks to the website. It can improve the user experience and search engine rankings of the website.

Enhanced brand awareness: It can improve brand awareness by exposing the business to more people through social sharing. The purpose of social media users who share content with their friends and followers is to raise brand recognition.

Increased customer engagement: It can boost reader interaction by allowing them to interact with the content through social sharing. People who promote their brand on social media engage with it.


Here are the top 10 social sharing plugins as of 2023.


  1. Social Warfare: Enhances content visibility with adjustable buttons, share stats, and platform options, boasting user-friendly design and rich capabilities.
  2. Social Photo Feed: The Smash Balloon Instagram Feed Plugin Simplifies Instagram content integration for enhanced engagement and social media presence.
  3. Monarch: Elegant Themes’ plugin offers visually pleasing sharing buttons and customized pop-ups, resulting in an adaptive user experience.
  4. MashShare: Provides efficient sharing across various platforms with a user-friendly approach.
  5. Easy Social Share Buttons: Supports 50+ networks, includes share counters, and integrates with email marketing providers.
  6. Super Socializer:Versatile plugin for user engagement via social login, sharing, and comments, featuring an attractive design.
  7. Shared Counts: Offers quick sharing solution prioritizing simplicity, share numbers, and script removal.
  8. Sumo Share: Enhances audience engagement through responsive design, customization options, and built-in statistics.
  9. Sassy Social Share: Lightweight and user-friendly, supports various networks and enhances engagement through share count display.
  10. Grow by Mediavine: Prioritizes speed and aesthetics, offering customized buttons, share count recovery, and smart caching for optimal site performance.


WordPress users can enhance their content’s audience and engagement by using social sharing plugins. The top 10 plugins for 2023 cater to aesthetics, usability, and analytics, ensuring a robust social presence on the website.


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