QR Code based Asset Management

QR Code Asset Management: Streamline Your Tracking Process With a Single Scan! Asset management systems ensure that you stay on top of all tracking-related processes for your physical assets and inventory. With a robust and clearly-outlined asset tracking framework in place, you can save on time, trim costs, improve efficiency, do quick asset audits, and have all your asset data within your fingertips. On the flip side, having a poorly managed asset tracking system has several pitfalls: low asset visibility, higher administrative costs, security vulnerabilities, increased asset downtime, and the like. Okay—now that we know that asset management systems are crucial—which technology should be used for the same? Age-old barcode asset tracking in the form of SKUs and UPCs? Or something novel like QR Code asset tags? As a comprehensive, end-to-end QR Code platform that powers QR Code asset management systems and QR Code equipment tracking solutions for a number of our customers, we strongly believe the latter should be your go-to choice. QR Codes for asset management can help a business save money, keep track of ghost and zombie assets seamlessly, and significantly reduce decision-making time. In this blog post, we’ll dive into why QR Codes for asset management allows you to reap cost-saving and efficiency benefits, how to create QR Code asset tags, and develop your own QR Code equipment tracking system.